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Catalyst Director Steve Brunson Discusses Strategic Accounting Firm Marketing in Accounting Today

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – January 27, 2014 - Are you utilizing Strategic Accounting Firm Marketing? Steve discusses four steps towards improving your strategic approach to marketing on January 22, 2014 in Accounting Today.

For many accountants, whether they’re sole proprietors or managing partners at top 100 firms, managing the marketing efforts of their firm seems like a tricky proposition.

Let’s be honest, most accounting firms are led by accountants, and accountants aren’t exactly known for their creativity. But, as a managing partner or marketing director, you can focus your efforts on strategically directing your marketing and sales efforts, while leaving the creativity to your team or agency. Your responsibility is to organize, direct and manage marketing efforts in a manner that maximizes the results you achieve with a finite amount of time and resources.

So where do you start? Try utilizing these four simple steps to improve the results of your firm’s marketing.

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