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Success Story: Green Hasson Janks Advertising

Advertising for accounting firms is tricky business. Not only does someone need to cast their gaze in your direction, but you need to really grab attention when eyes drift your way. Green Hasson Janks’ marketing team asked us to create an ad that would speak to prospective clients and employees reading the Los Angeles Business Journal while reinforcing their core message about the power of collaboration. Our solution? An action-packed bobsledding theme just in time for the Winter Olympics. The image shows the power and movement that collaboration and teamwork can create. The headline reads, “Great things happen when you combine your focus with our dedication”—perfectly in line with Green Hasson Janks’ values and branding.

The advertisement also features their 60 year anniversary logo, which we designed for them this year as part of their 60th anniversary celebration. We’re excited about the growth of this firm and are eager to watch them gain even more momentum as they embark on their seventh decade of business.


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