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Catalyst Director Steve Brunson Published New Article in Accounting Today

Are You Still Talking?

The sales process of many professional advisors is flawed.

Recently, I watched two firms that were both shocked to learn they had missed out on a new client opportunity. Why were they so shocked? Well, in both cases, they just knew that their presentation was spot on. They had nailed it. And they knew it. They had highlighted all of the most important and relevant strengths of their firm. They had talked about industry experience. They had spoken about the depth of their resources. They had talked about their other clients. They had answered every conceivable question with a compelling answer, but they didn’t win the work.

Continue reading ‘Are You Still Talking?’ at Accounting Today about how well you may be or may not be listening.

Steve Brunson
About the Author
Steve is a leader in the CPA / Accountant Marketing industry, and is a well known figure and speaker throughout the US. Steve works diligently to ensure that every action Catalyst takes moves its partner accounting firms closer to reaching their business development goals. He does this through every point of the process from strategic planning to implementation to measuring results.