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Catalyst CPA Marketing Directors Discuss our Model for Client Service

Wondering what we do? In the video below, Catalyst directors Steve Brunson and TJ Sponsel, discuss how our team works with clients to help them achieve rapid, sustainable, organic growth. If your firm has a passion for client service, want to experience exceptional organic growth, and understand the power that effective marketing brings to business development, then we would love to work with you.


Steve: Catalyst is a full service marketing firm, and we focus exclusively on CPA firms.

TJ: Marketing has to be in any firm’s business plan. At Catalyst, we can come in and bring a tailored solution.

Steve: We work with all kinds of firms. It has got to be a firm that values marketing, that has a willingness to invest, and sees long-term what that is going to do for their firm.

TJ: The marketing plan for any CPA firm has to be reflective of their culture and the partners’ goals and desires.

Steve: What we are designed to do here at Catalyst is to support the internal personnel within a CPA firm.

TJ: Some of our strongest relationships are when we are complementing an in-house marketing director. However, for those firms that have not dedicated those resources to full-time or part-time marketing director or coordinator, we have been very successful at being that person with the CPA firm.

Steve: A lot of the firms we work with, though, are strong, local and regional firms in competitive markets who are looking to gain a competitive advantage. Business development within a professional service firm, especially a CPA firm, is pretty unique. It is so much built on and based on relationships.

TJ: You are sitting down with a client, and what works for a local firm in Cincinnati may not work for a local firm in Tampa. There is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy with marketing. Marketing allows us to build a plan and to give younger staff people, younger partners the tools they need to build their own book of business, to create those opportunities where people start calling them.

Steve: Because now they have strategy and a marketing side they can turn to. They also have implementation; they have all the different types of expertise that the big firms have, but now they have just the amount of those that they need to execute their strategic marketing plan.

TJ: Marketing is not scientific, it is an art form.

Steve Brunson
About the Author
Steve is a leader in the CPA / Accountant Marketing industry, and is a well known figure and speaker throughout the US. Steve works diligently to ensure that every action Catalyst takes moves its partner accounting firms closer to reaching their business development goals. He does this through every point of the process from strategic planning to implementation to measuring results.