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Catalyst CPA Marketing – Client Success Story – Cassady Schiller


I am David Lingler. I am a Director of Business Valuations and Consulting, here at Cassady Schiller & Associates, in Cincinnati, Ohio. We recognized internally that as a 35 to 40-person firm, we could not continue to grow just on the referral networks of the partner group.

One of the first things we did in our proactive business development was to determine if we need a marketing arm or business development assistance. Clearly, marketing came first, we needed to build the base to work from, and ultimately struck upon Catalyst as a specialist in working with CPA firms.

The first thing we did was a total rebranding of the name and logo, rewrapped our website to be content-driven, to be driven toward video, toward clients, and toward prospects, communication and education. Out of that, came a communications program. From email blasts on critical issues out to clients, prospects, and centers of influence to blog postings by the people here, internally, and we also have a monthly newsletter that is all electronic now. We set up different niche groups. Catalyst has worked with each one of the niche groups, taking the lead from each group on what they need, and has been a supporting role there.

Coming out of setting this base for us to work from, our next step was to look at someone being a business development director. She is working with Catalyst in taking everything that we do and tying it together moving forward. The energy level and the changes in what is occurring through our pipeline has increased dramatically from this assistance.

The piece of advice I would give them is what I told myself after we got involved with Catalyst and after we had been on this process for the past 12 months: I wish we would have done it sooner.

Chris Hartley
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